Handmade by Rae

Projects by Rose, Aron & Ethan

String Heart

Looking for an interesting new art challenge, Ethan came upon string art and has made it his own.  This was his first creation, using two different colours of string to form a heart shape.  Daddy helped with hammering in the

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Rosin Sack

Rosin is an amber-coloured block used for lubricating the bow of stringed instruments like the cello.  It seems that small boys are compelled to drop it regularly and we have discovered the hard way that it is brittle and cracks

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Wallets Galore

When the boys asked for a wallet, we looked at those around the house, pulled together the design elements we liked, raided the sewing box – including zippers from old backpacks and clear plastic from the packaging of a new

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The product of a creative half hour with some felt and an old bed-cover, the GuineaPod allows guinea pigs (or other small animals) and small boys to sit together comfortably, and relatively still!