Handmade by Rae

Projects by Rose, Aron & Ethan

Piano Seat Booster

I made this recently for Tatiana, our amazing piano teacher, to give a boost to her young students who are too short to comfortably reach the piano keys when sitting on a regular piano seat.  I found the foam left over from an earlier project and cut it to fit an old shelf which I’d sawed in half, then sewed a cover from some bright red fabric from my pile of  “useful reclaimed materials”.  My old staple gun was pressed into service to fasten fabric to wood, then felt glued over the base to create a scratch-free surface.

The students, and their parents, love it!

Piano Seat Booster

Piano Seat Booster

And here’s the one I’d made earlier for Ethan to use at home, made from the seat of a chair that broke years ago, covered in fabric from a pair of old curtains found in our basement when we moved into this house.

Ethan's booster

Ethan’s booster

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