Handmade by Rae

Projects by Rose, Aron & Ethan

Rosin Sack

Rosin is an amber-coloured block used for lubricating the bow of stringed instruments like the cello.  It seems that small boys are compelled to drop it regularly and we have discovered the hard way that it is brittle and cracks easily.

Having just bought our third rosin block from Amazon, it seemed time to create a protective sack in which to transport it.  You may recognise our much-loved flame fabric and “secret” leopard skin lining. The padding is bubble-wrap from a recent delivery of school supplies.

Let’s see how it holds up in regular use!

Flames outside

Flames outside

Leopard skin lining

Leopard skin lining

Bubble wrap padding in the middle

Bubble wrap in the middle

Completed Rosin Sack

…and the completed rosin sack

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